I’m Julie, a hobby cook and baker who daylights as an IT analyst. I live with some guy I use as a human dishwasher in a teeny-tiny apartment in a wonderful historic district outside of Washington, DC. Between tripping over each other in the kitchen, trying to rig up herb gardens on the windowsill, and churning through an average of two new ovens a year (they don’t make ’em like they used to), life is one culinary misadventure after the next.

I started this blog in part as a challenge to myself – to continue to experiment and revel in new things, to improve my fundamental cooking skills, and to learn more about food photography. More importantly, though, I want to remind myself and others how much fun cooking and eating can be, and to never lose sight of the simple, priceless delight of opening the oven door to rows of perfectly risen, fluffy cupcakes, the first bite of a new dish made by a loved one, and of enjoying a meal so much you almost forget about the sinkful of dishes left in its wake. Almost.


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